Our philosophy

Our core values are part of our DNA

Mobility, versatility, commitment and respect are values that APRRES Industries defends and applies on a daily basis. It is a real philosophy that Patrick GAYA wishes to encourage, accompanied in his approach
by his employees. Being mobile means going to the customer, understanding his urgency and bringing him a quick and adapted solution. This mobility goes hand in hand with the versatility of APRRES Industries technicians. Indeed, in the civilian as well as the military sector, it is essential to train with manufacturers to guarantee the quality of work and the mastery of the technologies installed on the machines in order to properly target the breakdown, identify the service to be provided or the part to be changed. This versatility requires commitment. Commitment in a company is the expression of shared skills, collaborative respect, and internal and external consideration.

Human and environmental dimension

Being a player or partner in the mechanical industry does not mean that we are distanced from major environmental concerns. Indeed, APRRES Industries is permanently involved in improving the constraints of its ecosystem. The MCO is already an alternative to the renewal of machines. By maintaining, renovating, repairing or treating obsolescence, APRRES Industries gives a second life to existing civil and military rolling stock.

In addition, to give meaning to its sustainable development action, APRRES Industries sets up as close as possible to its customers’ needs, thus favouring short intervention circuits, with the aim of extending this geographical development.

APRRES Industries, an innovative company

For APRRES Industries, being part of a sustainable approach means being a forerunner and visionary, both geographically and strategically. Indeed, APRRES Industries sees the future through the prism of innovation and collective development for ever greater customer satisfaction. By co-developing partnerships with machine manufacturers, APRRES Industries will be able to respond to all customer requests and user constraints so that they can devote themselves solely to their work, without worrying about after-sales service, maintenance and other updates of their rolling stock.

Building the future will require active and constructive listening to customers, industrial partners, shareholders and principals, as well as improving our working tools. Trained on their customers’ work tools, APRRES Industries’ technicians will increase their targeted skills and intervention management. Because a good management of organizational constraints is the guarantee of a win-win and sustainable development in all sectors of activity.

Our goal for the next few years

APRRES  Industries
Maintenance of civil and military rolling stock. After-sales service for specific public works equipment, heavy goods vehicles, lifting and handling, spare parts, repairs.